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Deer For Sale 2016 !



Below are some of the Genetics you will find in our Doe's that are for sale !


Ax-Man HighRoller Thunder
Avalanche Jack the Ripper Jr Tyson
BamBam JackPot WhyNot
Banchee Max Wimpy
Barry Bonds Maximillion 12 Pack
BlackSmith Maxbo Cardaic Kid
Blazer Princess New Image
Brutus Queen Black Gold
Bragn Rites Queen Ann Max Factor
Fair Maiden Queen Elizabeth Savage Nation
GB Buckster Queen Maxine  
GB Lexus Popeye  
GD Smith Rolex  
Gold Digger Rold Gold  
GreenHorn Soaring Eagle  
Hydro-Ax Sir Lancealot 2  


Doe's with Pedigrees Below !

Here are some Doe's that are for sale, ( 2016 )


  Please check back next Fall






Call for Pedigrees,Prices or any Questions ?