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Welcome to AGN Whitetail Acres Deer Farm. We have been raising Deer since 1997 and have 80 acres behind fence with 25 breeding pens. Our goal is to constantly improve our genetics with some of the best stock out there! We have been A.I. ing since 2002 and have made great strides towards Big Frame's, Wide Racks and (Typ & Non Typ Bucks) Bucks with some great big racks!

In this site you can :

  • monitor bucks progress in the current pictures page
  • (Bucks by Name)
  • check on my semen prices
  • Infomation on deer for sale

Hope you enjoy the pictures and if there are any Bucks you have quesions about or would like to see in person, make sure to let me know ! If you are ever in Michigan give me a call and stop by, you are always welcome ! Thanks for visiting !

Mike Nedry